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5 Ideas That Will Make You Think About GW2

By Aaron Allen / April 10, 2013

Gamers used to have to be in the same room with each other if they wanted to experience a game unfold together. Since it first came about, online gaming – which allows you to play a game with people anywhere in the world – has exploded in popularity.

Guild Wars 2 is one online game that is getting a good buzz and has not yet been released. Guild Wars 2 will be a multi-player role-playing game online from the developer ArenaNet. In the game, large land masses have been taken over by other races because human civilization has been weakening and this is how the story line begins to move forward. The release for the game is currently set for December 31, 2012.

One feature of Guild Wars 2 that makes it unlike other games is that the way the game moves forward through story will change based on what the players choose to do. This customization of plot is normal for a role-playing game, but not for multi-player games, which is why it is highly anticipated. The traditional role of quest in game play will be replaced by an event system that is varied. The world in which the gamers play is malleable because of the ripple effect.

The new Guild Wars 2 is coming after its predecessor, the critically acclaimed Guild Wars. Better graphics, animations and better locations seen in 3-D will be added bonuses to this new release. One thing that will remain unchanged from the old game is the way gamers pay to play. Subscription fees are one thing that Guild Wars doesn’t require. Instead, users just purchase the game and then can play it. The game can also be bought as a special collector’s edition or users can get a strategy guide as well. Players will be able to start making choices immediately when they start the game by building a character. Gamers can choose the skills their character has after building them by choosing race and profession. The game will be based on action-oriented battles and players can fight on small teams or even versus other worlds.

Don’t forget to make sure your computer is equipped to handle the game before you find out in the middle of playing it. You need a broadband internet connection, 25 gigabytes of hard drive, 2 gigabytes of memory and a good enough video card. Guild Wars and Guild Wars 2 are just two of many online games, but they are popular because they have features that make them unique. Gamers can look forward to the day that they can go out and buy Guild Wars 2 and then play it.

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