A New Challenge To Produce “The Mini-Submarine”

new film– Espionage, love, thrilling adventures, beautiful Stockholm archipelago, yachts , fiery Russian music, humor … What else can a spectator expect to find in a film which, in the hands of a good director, can conquor the world cinema market ?

A daring producer is sought to bring “The Mini-Submarine” to the white curtain.

Its magnificent novelette written by Askin Ozcan is available on the international markets already on 200 internet bookshops.

The Mini-Submarine is the story  of a U.S.S.R. mini-sub which lands on the Stockholm archipelago  due to instrument failure, precisely on the mid-night when U.S.S.R ceases to exist and Russia comes into being as a new republic.

Its captain Yuri, goes to contact the U.S.S.R. Embassy, but alas it doesn’t exist any more.

On its door is a new sign : Embassy Of Russia !  Yuri does not get the help he needs from the Russian Embassy, as he was a captain of the U.S.S.R. Navy and its submarines were a subject of dispute between Russia and Ukraine… He applies to the Swedish police for a political refugee status, but is not helped there either as neither U.S.S.R. is existing anymore, nor Russia is a communist state.

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