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Voted Best Custom Orthotic Lab In The U.S.

By John French / August 9, 2010

– Medical research shows that orthotics – custom-made insoles that help realign abnormal foot mechanics – can work wonders for many types of foot, knee and back pain which most experience. Doctors Foot Labs Custom Orthotics takes the solution to another level with bio-mechanical control designed with both rear foot and forefoot balancers. Physicians have […]

Lap Band Surgery For Weight Loss

By John French / August 3, 2010

– Lap Band Surgery, or laparoscopic adjustable gastric banding, helps with weight loss by restricting food consumption and slowing digestion. By limiting how much food can be eaten at any one time and reducing hunger sensations it can help an individual eat less and thus lose weight. The smaller gastric pouch that is created by […]

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