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By Aaron Allen / October 9, 2010

Adding Facebook “Share” Button To Your Website

facebook– The language of websites is called HTML. It is a common acronym which stands for HyperText Markup Language. It basically consists of different codes that are responsible in producing web contents.

It may be hard to create HTML codes you can use for your website. But we are all fortunate to have access on the Internet and learn how to code. We can search about the basics HTML codes you need to create a wonderful website whether it is for personal or business use.

One of the most searched HTML codes these modern days are codes provided by Facebook. These codes are technically called as badges. They contain codes that create buttons which you can add to any website. Many website owners like to grab a copy of “Like” button, “Share” button and other buttons. Among these buttons, “Share” button is important to use for blog site owners. Other term called for this button is “Post to Facebook” button. The reason why most bloggers and website owners like to use this is because once it is clicked, the page where this button is linked can be automatically posted to the Facebook profile of the user. It is merely a great chance to promote and advertise your page. This is very helpful if your site is a sales page.

Simply go to http://www.new.facebook.com/share_partners.php and copy it. Ensure your Facebook account is open in order to get the code. Open the control panel of your website as well and choose the desired location where you will add this button. That is how to code using this Facebook “Share” button. The icon or badge appears on your page and is ready to be clicked for sharing.

It is strongly suggested to have it on the home page or default page of your website so all viewers can easily spot the button which they may click immediately without thinking twice. And if possible add as many codes as you can to each of your blog site. This can give you a greater chance especially if you are marketing your products through a website.

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