National Geographic’s “Great Migrations” An Epic

By Mark Masters / November 3, 2010

Great Migration –  Great Migrations begins  Sunday, Nov. 7 on the National Geographic Channel, with a segment called Born to Move.

The National Geographic Society is about to undertake an extraordinary global television event, unprecedented in the organization’s 122-year history. A seven-part program, three years in the making and filmed in 20 countries on all seven continents, will premiere worldwide in 34 languages, in 330 million homes in 166 countries.

“One of the big messages of this project is that migrations aren’t just these epic global movements, they’re incredibly difficult, torturous journeys that animals wage every year,” said David Hamlin, senior producer on the series and a driving force behind the project from the beginning.

“I think it’s a remarkable willful sign of nature’s power and the inexorable drive of life,” Hamlin said. “It’s about the need to feed and the need to breed.”

Rory P. Wilson, a biologist and chief scientific advisor on the project, pointed to the “Great Migrations” tagline: “Move as millions, survive as one.”

“That’s really critical,” Wilson said. “The fact that they’re all doing it together is part of the thing that keeps the species alive.”

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