Kent State Museum’s "Katharine Hepburn: Dressed for Stage and Screen"

By Mark Masters / August 18, 2010

fashion show– (Kent, OH) The Kent State University Museum with major sponsor Time Warner Cable has a newly opened  exhibition “Katharine Hepburn: Dressed for Stage and Screen.”

The exhibit, which runs until Sept 4, 2011, is drawn from Miss Hepburn’s personal collection of performance clothes given to the museum by her estate in 2008 and features stage and film costumes, as well as apparel Miss Hepburn wore for publicity purposes.

Katharine Hepburn is universally recognized as one of the screen’s greatest actresses. She was nominated by the Motion Picture Academy a record 12 times in the best leading actress category and won four Oscars — for Morning Glory (1933), Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner (1967). The Lion In Winter (1968), and On Golden Pond (1981).  This winning record has never been equaled.

“Katharine Hepburn has had a profound impact on American popular culture and fashion, and has influenced generations of women,” said Jean Druesedow director of the KSU Museum and curator of the exhibit.   “She epitomized the modern American woman smart, independent, active, honest, feisty, and outspoken.”

Time Warner Cable joins Dillard’s, H/L Communications, Nordstrom, and WCLV in sponsoring the exhibition.  The sponsorship is a great fit for Time Warner Cable. The company’s channel lineup includes Turner Classic Movies and American Movie Classics, two networks that often air Hepburn’s films.

Laser Spine Institute Promotes Debra M. Smith

By Lil Herman / August 17, 2010

medical news– Bill Horne, CEO of Laser Spine Institute, has announced that Debra M. Smith has been promoted to master scheduler.  In this position, Smith will oversee the schedules of each patient in three facilities, and ensure a cohesive experience with Laser Spine Institute.

“We are pleased to promote Debra to this new position,” said Horne.  “She has been a great asset to Laser Spine Institute and remains committed to going above and beyond to make every patient’s experience positive.”

Smith enjoys community involvement and has participated in the Clearwater Jazz Festival for 21 years.

Laser Spine Institute offers a safe and effective alternative to open back and neck surgery by using the latest techniques in minimally invasive procedures, alleviating the painful symptoms of sufferers from around the world.

The leader in endoscopic spine surgery, Laser Spine Institute treats a variety of spinal conditions, including spinal stenosis, degenerative disc disease, pinched nerves, bone spurs, bulging/herniated discs and sciatica.

Laser Spine Institute’s renowned medical team provides treatment at three accredited surgical centers in Tampa, Fla.; Scottsdale, Ariz. and Philadelphia, and consultation at facilities in San Diego, Beverly Hills, Calif., The Villages, Fla., and Fort Lauderdale, Fla.

Leading Women Expands To New Jersey

By Lil Herman / August 16, 2010

women–  Leading Women, an organization that inspires, powers, and honors the success of women leaders, announced as of February 1, 2010 its expansion into New Jersey. Kathryn M. Longo will serve as president and her primary role will be to cultivate corporate relationships in the state.

“On a national level, Leading Women is developing women leaders and closing the gap between what successful women need to know and what they are actually taught, ” said Kathryn Longo, president of Leading Women of New Jersey. “We are thrilled to deliver these resources to the women business leaders of New Jersey.”

Members in New Jersey will access professional connections to hundreds of influential women leaders, access to cutting edge leadership programs, and career tools and resources to become a more confident and effective leader.

Leading Women offers unique live, online and Self-Managed Solutions

Sensual Massage Made Simple

By Aaron Allen / August 16, 2010

body massage– Gordon Inkeles, author of the million-seller “The Art of Sensual Massage” has won a prestigious Award of Merit from The Accolade Competition. The award was given for Inkeles’ intriguing new documentary “Sensual Massage Made Simple” which offers complete instructions for a full body massage from head to toes. Shot on location in beautiful Northern California, the 75 minute film features an easy-to-learn massage program.

“It was a pleasure to see the same, sensual massage strokes that have worked so well for readers of my books come to life on a big screen. Rhythms and pressures which are difficult to describe in a book are easy to see on screen. My models learned my massage techniques and you can see the pleasure they experienced in the film.” Gordon Inkeles

The Accolade recognizes film, television, videography and new media professionals who demonstrate exceptional achievement in craft and creativity, and those who produce standout entertainment or contribute to social change.

In winning an Accolade, Gordon Inkeles and his production company Arcata Arts joins the ranks of other high-profile winners of this internationally respected award.

Investors Are Looking For Entrepreneurs That Fit Their Investment Criteria

By Don Amos / August 12, 2010

investor dollars– One of the many inefficiencies working against the U.S. economy is that a large mass of entrepreneurial energy is consumed with hunting for investors.  Simultaneously, a huge amount of investors’ energy is spent screening promising entrepreneurs.  By creating a channel for connecting the right entrepreneurs with the right investors, Silicon Valley entrepreneur and strategy consultant Sramana Mitra and the One Million by One Million (1M/1M) initiative aim to streamline this process.

Through her Seed Capital From Angel Investors interview series, the One Million by One Million entrepreneurs have heard from several of the most active investors that, while they have very large deal-flows, they invest in very few companies:

“We get about 1,500 pitches a year. I look at all of them,” says Paul Olliver, Wider Wake Networks. “Only 5%-10% pass the initial sniff test.” In the past twelve months they have made four investments.

In one month Mike Maples, Founder And Managing Partner, Floodgate, says, “We get about 600 pitches. Out of 600, we’ll probably meet with about thirty or forty. And we might fund one of those companies in a month.” That is 12 out of 7,200 in a year.

When asked how many investments they have made in the past 12 months, Peter Birkeland, RAIN Fund Program Manager, RAIN Source Capital, says, “On average, we probably do 15.” Since they receive about 150 pitches in a month throughout their network, that is 15 out of 1,700 deals a year.

Investors also spend a great deal of time screening deals.  Jeff Clavier, Founder and Managing Partner, SoftTech VC, is a solo operator managing a $15M super angel fund who gets 2,000 deals a year and invests in 12.  He constantly gets pitches from people who view all investors in the same light without knowing the scope or types of investments, markets, and industries that interest him.

Mitra says, “Entrepreneurs are going to investors much too soon, and without doing adequate validation, positioning, and other homework. As a result, most of them fail to raise money and waste precious time and energy.”

By combining the pre-screening and coaching process of the 1M/1M program with Mitra’s extensive knowledge of how the investment eco-system works, entrepreneurs are first advised to follow a specific methodology, and only when they are ready are they introduced to the most appropriate investors efficiently, quickly, and without wasting time.  While introducing some entrepreneurs to investors, the 1M/1M will also introduce some entrepreneurs to customers and channel partners, which will help to further validate their businesses.

“Most investors are looking for a reliable pre-screening method, and they use their trusted networks for this,” relays Mitra.  “In 1M/1M, we do a lot of pre-screening and coaching of the entrepreneurs before sending them over to the investors.  In doing so, we make sure that a square peg is not trying to fit into a round hole.”

Mitra is a passionate entrepreneur who has three of her own ventures under her belt and knows the pain of funding an early stage business first hand. An MIT grad in engineering, Ms. Mitra learned business by building her own companies. She parlayed her own experience and expertise into a successful consulting practice, where she has advised over eighty small and large businesses on their positioning, product validation and go-to-market strategy.

The Future Of Renewable Energy

By Aaron Allen / August 11, 2010

renewable energy wind turbine– Regulations to meet the renewable portfolio goals and emission standards are the predominant drivers for the renewable energy markets. The future of the photovoltaic (PV) market will largely depend on the enforcement of existing or new support mechanisms by governments across the world.

Among the different countries in the world promoting green buildings, Germany has the best energy efficiency requirements for new buildings. Currently, 30 percent more efficiency has been achieved, and 30 percent more will be reached by 2012. Policies are aimed at promoting and supporting passive and other highly efficient new buildings with additional incentives.

“All developed countries have at least voluntary energy certification systems or plans to implement building energy certificates,” says fellow Technical Insights Analyst Kumar Narasimhan. “The UK and Germany already have mandatory certification schemes in place in order to promote significant energy savings in buildings.”

The smart grid segment has attracted substantial venture capital investment. While commercial deployment of smart grids could begin in 2011, consolidation in the smart grid sector can be expected in the next two years.

Australia – India at Commonwealth Games

By Nate Christopher / August 10, 2010

gold medal– Australian High Commissioner to India, Peter Varghese said, “Australia and India’s shared passion for sport and healthy rivalry on the field is evident in the medal count at the Games.  Off the field, India is one of Australia’s fastest growing trading partners.

“It is very exciting for us to participate and to be involved in the delivery of the Games in Delhi via Australia’s niche expertise in sport and the business of sport,” Mr Varghese said.

Australian firms are delivering on Games contracts for services including broadcasting, catering for Games village, concept and logistics for the Queen’s Baton Relay, design and detailing of games venues and pyrotechnics for the opening and closing ceremonies.

Howard’s Pyrotechnics, which delivered the fireworks for the opening ceremony, brought two 40-foot containers of fireworks and specialist equipment to produce the pyrotechnics opening and closing events. A crew of 22 pyrotechnic specialists have been working for a month on site in Delhi in the lead up to the Games.

The lightweight tensile roof for the iconic Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium, which at 54,000 square metre, is the largest of its kind in Asia, was installed by Taiyo Membrane.

The International Broadcasting Centre (IBC) measuring approximately 9,000 square feet was built and shipped to India as a complete working unit by Global Television.

Sports Technology International (STI), Australia’s leading supplier of artificial turf and sports surfaces, installed the elite hockey pitch at the Major Dhyan Chand National Hockey Stadium.

The Australian High Commission is hosting the Australian Government’s official business program, Business Club Australia, during the Commonwealth Games. Twenty-two business and industry events will be held over 11 days of the Games competition to boost trade and investment between India and Australia.  Over 2000 Australian and Indian business executives are expected to participate.

“The Commonwealth Games has brought Australians and Indians together in the spirit of celebration. Business Club Australia (BCA) is providing an opportunity to form new alliances with Indian partners against this exciting backdrop,” Mr Varghese added.

Voted Best Custom Orthotic Lab In The U.S.

By John French / August 9, 2010

foot prints– Medical research shows that orthotics – custom-made insoles that help realign abnormal foot mechanics – can work wonders for many types of foot, knee and back pain which most experience. Doctors Foot Labs Custom Orthotics takes the solution to another level with bio-mechanical control designed with both rear foot and forefoot balancers.

Physicians have prescribed custom orthotics for many years and patients routinely pay $400, to $500, to $600 or more for the examination, fitting, and the actual orthotics themselves. But now, Doctors Foot Labs makes it possible for everyone to buy factory direct and save hundreds of dollars. With every Doctors Foot Labs Custom Orthotic you purchase, you will receive a foot impression kit so Doctors Foot Labs may customize your orthotics to fit your feet and to solve the foot, knee and back pain problems you may be experiencing.

Doctors Foot Labs, based in San Diego, California, has over 38 years experience as one of the nation’s leading orthotic laboratories specializing in the manufacture of running, walking, sports, and dress orthotics.

Try The Advent Forex Course

By Don Amos / August 7, 2010

investing– Cecil Robles, in his Forex Advent Course, will teach you how to make a consistent 7.21% safe return each and every month with low risk by trading less than 10 minutes a night. If you can learn how to make a safe and consistent 7% return each and every month by trading forex less than 10 minutes a night, you are on your way to your financial freedom dream.

Cecil Robles has just opened the doors to give away his $2000 trading course for free…no strings attached!

He’s sold over 1000 copies of this course and it has helped change the lives of countless traders around the world. I was blown away that he is giving it away.  He said he was tired of the hype and wanted to give back to the trading community that has been so good to him. There is one catch. In order to not dilute his methods he is limiting the number of copies he is giving away. Right now he is only allowing 2000 people to register for this and over 1600 have already registered.

Internet Brands, Inc. Investors File Lawsuit

By Don Amos / August 6, 2010

dollar and liberty– An investor in Internet Brands, Inc. (NASDAQ:INET) filed a lawsuit in State Court against the INET board of directors alleging they breached their fiduciary duties by agreeing to sell Internet Brands too cheaply to Hellman & Friedman Capital Partners VI, L.P.

If you are an investor in Internet Brands, Inc. (NASDAQ:INET) stock, you have certain options and you should contact the Shareholders Foundation by email at or call +1(858) 779 1554.

According to the complaint the plaintiff alleges that members of the Internet Brands board of directors breached their fiduciary duties owed to INET investors by their attempt to sell Intern Brands via an unfair process at an unfair price to Hellman & Friedman Capital Partners VI, L.P. and by concealing information in the preliminary proxy statement.

On Monday, Sep 20, 2010, Internet Brands, Inc. (NASDAQ: INET) announced that it has entered into a merger agreement to be acquired by an affiliate of Hellman & Friedman Capital Partners VI, L.P. in a transaction valued at approximately $640 million. Under the terms of the agreement, Internet Brands stockholders will receive $13.35 in cash for each outstanding share of common stock they own. According to Internet Brands, Inc  its board of directors has approved the agreement and the offered price represents a premium of approximately 46.5% over the closing price on September 17, 2010.

Even though shares of Internet Brands, Inc. (Public, NASDAQ:INET) traded at $9.65 per share days before the announcement and jumped to $13.20 per share in response to the news. At least one analyst set a price target for Internet Brands stock at $14.00 per share. Internet Brands, Inc. reported over the past four years consistent revenue of $84.80million in 2006, $89.89million  in 2007, $104.04million in 2008, and $99.76million in 2009. In addition Idealab, which beneficially owns approximately 19% of Internet Brands’ outstanding common stock and approximately 64% of the voting power of the company, has entered into a voting agreement with an affiliate of Hellman & Friedman relating to the merger agreement.

Those who are investors in Internet Brands, Inc. (NASDAQ:INET) stock, have certain options and should contact the Shareholders Foundation by email at or call +1(858) 779 1554

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