Toshiba Qosmio X505-Q893 Laptop

By Aaron Allen / August 5, 2010

laptop– The new Toshiba Qosmio X505-Q893 18.4-Inch Laptop features a 18.4-inch display–with native 720p (HD+) support–and the Intel Core i5 with four cores of intelligent processing power.

Additionally, it offers ultra-fast DDR3 system memory and the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 460M graphics with 1.5 GB of GDDR5 video memory. Together, this pairing of high-performance technologies allow you to rip through the latest 3D games at lightning-fast frame-rates or create high-definition video and audio faster and more efficiently with smooth rendering and encoding. The Qosmio X505 features Toshiba’s striking Fusion Finish in Omega Black with stylish red chrome accents and a comfortable full keyboard with LED Backlighting and numeric 10-key pad.

An intuitive touchpad with multi-touch control enables greater flexibility to browse and control what’s happening on-screen with gesture-commands–including two-finger pinch, swipe, rotate and scroll. It also includes a 1.3 megapixel webcam with Face Recognition capabilities for added security. And if you’re using one laptop for several users–say for the whole family or for a small business–Toshiba Face Recognition lets you switch profiles with one simple look. This Qosmio comes pre-installed with the Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium operating system (64-bit version).

Stem Cell Sector Leads Most Actives OTC

By Don Amos / August 4, 2010

pennies– a free hot penny stock picks alert blog newsletter gives you up to the minute real-time detailed financial information with quotes and chart updates on the OTC-OTCBB, NYSE, and NASDAQ. TSW is looking for hot penny stocks exposed such as actc on the move showing unusual movement that could end up being a popular top performing HOT OTC small cap penny stock picks.

We know traders and investors are looking for exciting hot penny stock picks alerts like amng along with OTC volume movers to put on there speculative watch list for review.

The TSW penny stock finder trading system locates the best small cap, micro cap penny stocks such as actc that have unusual movements with news, popular small cap penny stocks with big gains, and strong stock trends.

TSW looks for exciting, explosive penny stock picks like actc with the right mixture of powerful volume and low market capitalization to give day-traders & investors an opportunity to build a penny stock picks trading watch list consisting of the most notable penny stocks like actc that have high volume with positive change that can become explosive mega volume penny stock picks at any given time.

Lap Band Surgery For Weight Loss

By John French / August 3, 2010

medical news– Lap Band Surgery, or laparoscopic adjustable gastric banding, helps with weight loss by restricting food consumption and slowing digestion. By limiting how much food can be eaten at any one time and reducing hunger sensations it can help an individual eat less and thus lose weight.

The smaller gastric pouch that is created by the gastric band limits the amount of food that can be eaten and slows the emptying process from the stomach into the intestines. The smaller stomach pouch and slower digestion rate lets you feel full sooner and feel full longer. The band can be adjusted to let in more or less food as needed.

The Lap Band procedure involves placing an adjustable silicone band around the upper part of the stomach which reduces the opening to the stomach and creates a smaller food pouch at the top of the stomach. The larger portion of the stomach is left below the band. The inner liner of the gastric band is a hollow ring filled with saline that can be adjusted with more or less saline to create a smaller or larger opening.

Protection For Hands That Cook Hot Dishes

By Lil Herman / August 2, 2010

chef cooking– San Jamar has developed an extreme-temperature Kool-Tek product to offer what it calls “the ultimate in heat protection.”Protecting chefs and kitchen staff from heat hazards is a major health and safety issue.  Now Foodservice Equipment Marketing has launched the Kool-Tek range of chefs’ gloves and protectors.

The Kool-Tek chef’s mitt uses a multi-layer design and thick inner insulation that provides protection to temperatures as high as 537C (or 1000F).  Its Kevlar edging protects the wearer from heat and other kitchen hazards while its durable construction ensures a long life San Jamar claims it lasts up to twenty times longer than conventional chefs’ gloves.  FEM also offers Kool-Tek ‘puppet’-style mitts, with or without Kevlar edging.

The Kool-Tek range features a comprehensive selection of products including aprons, protective sleeves, hot pads and handle covers, designed to protect kitchen staff from all sorts of heat-related injuries,.  All have at least four insulating layers, consisting of the liner, a heat barrier, a vapour barrier and a Nomex (non-combustible) layer.  Some also have the Kevlar edging.

“Kool-Tek is just part of our range of protective clothing from San Jamar,” says FEM’s marketing manager Mark Hogan.  “We believe they are the first foodservice company to develop a complete range of hand safety products for chefs, including gloves for specialist applications, such as cut resistant, fryer and rotisserie versions.  They can also cope with temperatures as low as -92C, right up to +537C.”

A New Challenge To Produce “The Mini-Submarine”

new film– Espionage, love, thrilling adventures, beautiful Stockholm archipelago, yachts , fiery Russian music, humor … What else can a spectator expect to find in a film which, in the hands of a good director, can conquor the world cinema market ?

A daring producer is sought to bring “The Mini-Submarine” to the white curtain.

Its magnificent novelette written by Askin Ozcan is available on the international markets already on 200 internet bookshops.

The Mini-Submarine is the story  of a U.S.S.R. mini-sub which lands on the Stockholm archipelago  due to instrument failure, precisely on the mid-night when U.S.S.R ceases to exist and Russia comes into being as a new republic.

Its captain Yuri, goes to contact the U.S.S.R. Embassy, but alas it doesn’t exist any more.

On its door is a new sign : Embassy Of Russia !  Yuri does not get the help he needs from the Russian Embassy, as he was a captain of the U.S.S.R. Navy and its submarines were a subject of dispute between Russia and Ukraine… He applies to the Swedish police for a political refugee status, but is not helped there either as neither U.S.S.R. is existing anymore, nor Russia is a communist state.

Short Sale Black Book For Real Estate Professionals

By Lil Herman / August 1, 2010

black book– With homeownership in jeopardy for millions of underwater American homeowners, completing a short sale is a blessing though it requires a lot of hurdles and paperwork.  For most real estate professionals, finding the right short sale prospect is also difficult because many banks won’t qualify homeowners for a short sale.  The conditions for a short sale to happen are not just an upside down LTV, the borrower must also be facing hardship.

To this end, Black Book Data has developed a set of database relationships that allows businesses to target homeowners with genuine, banked accepted, hardships.  These homeowners are 30-180+ days late on their homes and can be customized based on over 2 dozen criteria.  Market to homeowners based on the size of their loan and length of their delinquency as well as when the property was purchased as well as credit scores.

Black Book Data strives to deliver the best sales lead and list broker experience. They seek to understand your marketing goals and then deliver the best recommendation & price for the mailing list or marketing database you need.

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