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Protection For Hands That Cook Hot Dishes

By Lil Herman / August 2, 2010

chef cooking– San Jamar has developed an extreme-temperature Kool-Tek product to offer what it calls “the ultimate in heat protection.”Protecting chefs and kitchen staff from heat hazards is a major health and safety issue.  Now Foodservice Equipment Marketing has launched the Kool-Tek range of chefs’ gloves and protectors.

The Kool-Tek chef’s mitt uses a multi-layer design and thick inner insulation that provides protection to temperatures as high as 537C (or 1000F).  Its Kevlar edging protects the wearer from heat and other kitchen hazards while its durable construction ensures a long life San Jamar claims it lasts up to twenty times longer than conventional chefs’ gloves.  FEM also offers Kool-Tek ‘puppet’-style mitts, with or without Kevlar edging.

The Kool-Tek range features a comprehensive selection of products including aprons, protective sleeves, hot pads and handle covers, designed to protect kitchen staff from all sorts of heat-related injuries,.  All have at least four insulating layers, consisting of the liner, a heat barrier, a vapour barrier and a Nomex (non-combustible) layer.  Some also have the Kevlar edging.

“Kool-Tek is just part of our range of protective clothing from San Jamar,” says FEM’s marketing manager Mark Hogan.  “We believe they are the first foodservice company to develop a complete range of hand safety products for chefs, including gloves for specialist applications, such as cut resistant, fryer and rotisserie versions.  They can also cope with temperatures as low as -92C, right up to +537C.”

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