Sony Walkman Demise

By Aaron Allen / October 28, 2010

Sony Walkman–  The Associated Press reports that Sony made a surprise annoucement that it has ceased production and sale of the iconic Walkman personal cassette playe.

Reports about the demise of the Sony Walkman might be premature. Sony is only ceasing production of the 30-year-old portable music player in Japan, but it will still be available in the U.S.

The Los Angeles Times spoke to a Sony spokesman about the issue, although the spokesman wanted to remain anonymous due to lack of authorization to speak on the topic.

According to the report, “the spokesman said there was ‘a consistent but small demand’ for the player. He said there were no plans to cut it from the U.S. market.”

The Sony representative said he couldn’t give any insight as to why production was being stopped on the device in Japan. But once the last batch of the player sell out in the country, that’s it.

The Walkman was a pioneer in personal music player devices. First introduced in 1979, it has sold more than 220 million units worldwide.

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