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The Ultimate Guide To Courses

By Aaron Allen / April 21, 2013

Improving Your Golf Game

One of the most rewarding things man has ever experienced is playing a good game of golf. Golf does not just help you get fit; it also helps you gain friends while allowing you to give free rein to your competitive nature.

Ask any amateur golfer and he will be quick to say that golf is probably the most challenging and most exasperating sport there he has ever encountered. A few inches may not mean much to the uninitiated, but to a golfer it could mean the difference between a good and a bad score.

Because golf is a mental game, it helps a player to think positively. Visualizing the shot before actually taking it helps the golfer focus and swing better. Being positive would help you get your focus on so you could avoid having the ball fall into that water hazard or get trapped in the sand.

This, however, does not mean that positive thinking alone will win you a golf game. You should also be able to set realistic goals for yourself. You should work on your game and focus on consistently improving, even if it is only by a few shots every time you play. Single out your weak points and try alternative ways to attack them. Know that you can use the wind speed and direction to help you win your game, and to be good at this you need to practice playing in varying conditions.

Since a good swing is essential to improving your game, it would do you a world of wonders to take some lessons. A golf teacher who is an expert on the field will be able to evaluate your weak points and give you tips for improvement. Today there are also gadgets and electronic devices that can help you analyze and improve your swing.

Keep your head still, and your eyes on the ball when you take the shot. You also need to follow through as you hit the ball. Instead of consciously trying to hit the ball, treat it as though you are taking a practice swing. In other words, you should swing in a relaxed manner. Placing the body in a relaxed manner before the shot allows the brain to be more focused on the swing.

Swinging is not all there is to golfing, because you also need to work on your putting. Putting can yield you greater scores once you have mastered it. Improving your putting can only be achieved through constant patient practice.

There are as many ideas about playing golf as there are golfers. Try all the ideas that appeal to you and stick with the ones that work for you.

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